Our Values

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Our Values

Meadows Primary School and Nursery


"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future."

Theodore Roosevelt

What is the intent of History at Meadows?

At Meadows, we seek to inspire our children’s historical curiosity using our exciting units from our thematic Meadows Curriculum.

In doing so, we lead our children to ask relevant questions about the past and think critically when searching for answers. We aim to encourage children to explore how the world has changed (both locally, nationally and on a global scale), the processes involved and the impact and legacy of change. We aim to ensure that children develop a rich, meaningful knowledge that broadens their knowledge of the world around them.

The history that children learn encourages them not to simply see the past through the lens of the present, but to understand how values and attitudes have changed over time.

In History, we can analyse successes and failures, which, in turn, teaches us to learn from our mistakes.

How is History implemented at Meadows?

From EYFS to Year 6, the key aims, outcomes and knowledge of the National Curriculum are taught through the exciting thematic units of our Meadows curriculum. children develop a deep cross-cultural awareness and understanding of their own and others’ heritage, by looking at evidence and asking and answering questions. We teach History through a combination of subject knowledge, historical skills, enquiry and fieldwork, encouraging children to think carefully about how historians reach conclusions and to see themselves as ‘History Detectives’. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom through carefully sequenced lessons and exciting trips and visitors.


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How does History progress at Meadows?

The key historical concepts of chronology, continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarities and differences and interpretation are constantly built upon and revisited during your child’s time at Meadows.

In Nursery and Reception, children are taught how to order and sequence familiar events, to understand and use language related to change, to identify how things could have been done differently and to recognise and celebrate differences between themselves and their peers. In Key Stage 1, children progress to fitting people and events into a chronological framework, identifying different ways in which the past is represented, know about similarities and differences between societies, including beliefs and recognise why actions and events happened.

children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to make links between events and changes across and within periods of history, identify the results of events, situations and changes, explain how and why different historical viewpoints and interpretations have been constructed and to analyse the diverse experiences, beliefs and attitudes of people in past societies.

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How can I support my child in History? 

  • By visiting local and national museums.
  • By following the Ketley Heritage Trail to learn more about our area’s fascinating role in the Industrial Revolution.
  • By discussing current affairs with your child and encouraging them to ask questions and how and why things are happening.
  • By showing them photographs/videos of your own family and special events and discussing the chronology of such sources.
  • By encouraging them to talk to older relatives/neighbours/friends about what life was like when they were growing up.
  • Exploring a wide range of age-appropriate History books - click here!