Our Values

Our value for May is honesty!

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Our Values

Meadows Primary School and Nursery


At Meadows Primary School and Nursery we seek to ensure that our curriculum enables our children to aspire, grow and flourish in their learning and personal development.

We seek to ensure that our curriculum is exciting, engaging and progressive, with a clear focus on knowledge and skills and consistent opportunities for our children to:

  • aspire – know they can achieve anything they desire,
  • grow – never give up,
  • flourish – doing very well and realising their endless potential.

We are proud that our curriculum intent promotes our vision for teachers and children, through a curriculum which facilitates:

In continuously recognising the importance of human creativity and achievement as a key pathway to aspiration, growth and flourishment of civilisation alongside meaning and context to our children’s place in our world, we seek to prepare children for successful, values-based lives in Modern Britain and beyond.

Our Four C's

Our curriculum is underpinned by four highly relevant world issues, known as the four Cs:

  • Communication - Nurturing confident, effective and kind communicators is a priority in our school.
  • Conflict - Nurturing peaceful, respectful and united young people is a priority in our school.
  • Conservation - Nurturing our next generation, creating a better future is a priority in our school.
  • Culture - Nurturing accepting, tolerant broad-minded individuals who respect the cultures, backgrounds and traditions of others is a priority in our school.

Our Curriculum Narrative

Our curriculum narrative begins with communication, as we feel that this world issue is the basis for all the others. If our pupils start working on understanding the importance of communication from the beginning of the school year then they can access and understand diverse cultures, resolve conflicts and engage in conservation. Next, we look at conflict, as it has a natural progression from communication in using those skills to explore why people fall out, how we can resolve our own conflicts and know how and why conflict occurs on a global scale. We can also use communication skills to engage in ‘polite conflict’ in the form of debate and discussion. We then explore conservation. With the foundation of communication running throughout, we will explore how solving conflicts can help to conserve peace but also how we can discuss, explore and implement good conservation practices both in school and in our wider locality. Our final theme is culture as we want our pupils to understand the significant role conservation has in protecting cultures and to end our school year on a high by embracing, celebrating and sharing each other's cultures.

Meadows Curriculum Intent and Rationale

To further understand the rich intent of our curriculum, please explore the document below. 

meadows intent and rationale.pdf