Our Values

Our value for May is honesty!

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Our Values

Meadows Primary School and Nursery

Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Meadows Primary School and Nursery, where our vision and motto - Aspire, Grow, Flourish - serves to make Meadows a magnificent place to learn.

Our school is based in Ketley, Telford - a place rich in heritage, of which our school is very proud!

Our comprehensive website is a living, breathing prospectus for prospective families, in addition to an ongoing celebration of life in our school for those families who have children with us. I hope our passion for children’s enjoyment, learning, achievement and celebration of success in learning is clear throughout.

As a parent myself, it is important to me that all of our children and families leave our school with a strong belief that they understand, believe and say: "Aspire - I can achieve anything I desire, Grow - I will never give up, Flourish - I have endless potential." 

In joining our school, your child will be enabled to aspire, grow and flourish.

We are committed to building extremely positive relationships with children, parents, carers and all members of our community. In doing so, we can provide firm foundations for an enjoyable, exciting and challenging learning journey for children.

Just like the flowers of a Meadow, we are all different and unique at Meadows Primary and Nursery School, but together, we create a masterpiece. 

I welcome you to visit and see magnificent Meadows in action. Please do contact the school office to book an appointment. 

Best wishes,

Mr J Piatczanyn