Our Values

Our value for May is honesty!

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Our Values

Meadows Primary School and Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery

This is where the magic begins! We are passionate that all children aspire, grow and flourish in our Nursery!

Meadows Nursery is part of Meadows Primary School and opened in 2005. Our 39 place Nursery is located at the front of the school and offers an ideal environment for children to develop in safe and nurturing surroundings.

There is a large secure outside area for the children to enjoy outdoor play and we enjoy the expertise of an Early Years Lead and teacher who plans our Nursery Curriculum through the Foundation Stage and Early Learning Goals. 

What does a day in Nursery look like? 

No day in our Nursery is ever the same, but we are proud of what our children achieve each day! When you join our Nursery you will have the opportunity to explore our setting with your child and see:

  • Children greeted every morning in a way that meets their needs. 
  • Children self-registering and going straight to their learning through play.
  • Grown-ups listening, observing, joining in play and extending learning. 
  • Grown-ups meeting each child’s needs, adjusting the environment accordingly. 
  • Grown-ups explaining, describing, modelling, supporting, extending, challenging and encouraging, through a play-based approach.
  • Lots of reading! 
  • Lots of singing and rhymes!
  • Lots of conversations. 
  • Grown-ups focusing on developing excellent communication skills. 
  • Well-behaved, purposeful and happy children!
  • Snack time in small groups where the children reflect on their day’s work and take turns in conversation.  They are encouraged to ask each other questions.
  • Every session finishes with a short Phonic or Singing activity and a story.
  • Children being encouraged to put on their own coats before home time.

Nursery adults will always be on the door and the gate at the end of each session. Please do speak with us. We are here to help. 

When Nursery and families work together, amazing things can happen for our children.