Our Values

Our value for May is honesty!

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Our Values

Meadows Primary School and Nursery

Teaching Children Safeguarding

We are committed to ensuring every child feels safe and secure both within and beyond our school community. As part of this commitment we feel it is important to actively educate children about ways to stay safe under the wider umbrella of safeguarding. Lots of our work, curriculum and resourcing supports us in this!

  • Our values-based education provides children with principles to guide their thinking and behaviour.
  • Our Aspire, Grow, Flourish assemblies encourage us to be the best person we can be.
  • Our Meadows Expectations mean that our school is a safe and happy place to be.
  • Our ‘Concerned About a Child’ posters help children know who our ‘Safeguarding Leaders are’.
  • Our Helping Hand posters remind us who we can talk to with worries.
  • Our Safeguarding Squad gives us class representatives to speak with and share things which can make our school better.
  • Our Worry Boxes throughout the school are checked daily.
  • Our Hi Vis jackets help us be bright and seen in education visits.
  • Our Senior Leaders are on the gates each day – they’re here to help us.
  • Our Year Six Peer Mentors look after younger children.
  • Our Healthy Lifestyles Crew help us be happy and healthy.
  • Our School Council work to make our school better.
  • Our Junior Road Safety Officers work to make our roads better and travel to school safer.
  • Our school grown-ups trained to keep us safe. This is their most important job.
  • Our fire drill practices help us know how to evacuate in a fire or emergency.
  • Our invacuation practice helps us know how to invacuate in an emergency.
  • Our PSHE curriculum helps us think about who we are and how we behave.
  • Our school site is secure with locked gates, fences and security systems.
  • Many of our grown-ups have First Aid training to give us medical help.
  • Our adults all have enhanced DBS checks – with no exceptions.
  • Our coloured lanyards tell us who is allowed in our school.
  • Our grown-ups use an online system to record their worries for us.
  • Our classroom red cards mean a Senior Leader can be called to help us.
  • Our library includes books on mental health and well-being.
  • Our adults can e-mail meadowsconcern@taw.org.uk if they are worried about a child.