Our Values

Our value for May is honesty!

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Our Values

Meadows Primary School and Nursery

Our Uniform

At Meadows Primary School and Nursery, we believe children should feel a sense of pride in being a member of our school family. This is reflected in the pride they show when wearing our school uniform.

We commit to our duty to make sure that our uniform is affordable, in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education on the cost of school uniform. We try to ensure that uniform is available at a reasonable cost and that it provides the best value for our parents and carers.

It is the expectation that all children attending Meadows Primary School and Nursery should wear the school uniform detailed below.  

  • A navy blue sweatshirt with/without the school logo
  • Or a navy blue cardigan with/without the school logo
  • A pale blue polo shirt with/without the school logo
  • Plain grey trousers (not black).
  • Plain grey skirt or pinafore,
  • Grey or black tights or socks.
  • Black school shoes – no canvas type shoes, heels, black trainers or other coloured trainers.

In the summer, grey shorts or a blue gingham dress may be worn. School shoes must still be worn in the summer.

Physical Education Kit:

Twice a week, children will attend school in their P.E. kit. 

  • School logo sweatshirt with/without the school logo - £11.50
  • Or School logo ¼ zip training top - £15.50
  • Navy blue P.E. T-Shirt with ‘Making Meadows Magnificent’ print or plain navy blue t-shirt - £6.00
  • Navy blue P.E. shorts.
  • Navy blue, plain, warm jogging trousers.
  • Dark-coloured Outdoor Trainers

Other items available to buy will include:

  • Navy blue coat with school logo 
  • Navy fleece with school logo
  • Navy bookbag with school logo

Children will not be able to participate in PE without the correct PE kit.

School uniform is available to purchase at Baker & Sons Ltd, High Street, Wellington or online at https://www.bakerandsonschoolwear.co.uk/

Hair and Make-Up

The school does not permit children to have extreme haircuts or colouring that could serve as a distraction to other children or themselves. Hair bands, bows, clips etc. must be discreet designs in colours compatible with school colours and only used in order to keep hair in place. Long hair should be tied back. Some hair ornaments may need to be removed for Physical Education on the grounds of health and safety.

No make-up or nail varnish may be worn during the school day. Similarly, temporary transfers or fake ‘tattoos’ are not appropriate. 

Jewellery and Watches

In accordance with Health and Safety Regulations, we request that children do not wear earrings or any jewellery for PE lessons.  

If your child is unable to remove their earrings themselves at school, then please can you ensure that they are not worn to school on the days that they have PE. 

If your child has pierced ears, then please supply micro-pore tape for them to keep in their bag, so that they can cover their earrings during PE. This is to help avoid any accidents occurring which could cause considerable discomfort to your child.

Watches can be worn. However, if a watch is designed for games, photography or other distracting functions, it may not be worn for school. 

Head Coverings

Children may wear on faith grounds a blue or white head covering. Headscarves must be small, shoulder length and either blue or white.

Pre-Loved Uniform

We recognise that due to current pressures uniform costs can be difficult for our parents and carers. Because of this we are delighted to offer pre-loved uniform.

We have a Pre-Loved collection box in the foyer for school sweatshirts and cardigans. You can come and collect items without having to speak to the office. There is also a drop box so you can donate items of uniform. At the moment the drop box is for school sweatshirts and cardigans only. If you have any other items you wish to donate please speak to the school office. 

 Wish Box

We also have a wish box where you can request further items that we may be able to help with. There are request slips that can be completed and popped into the request box. All we will need on the request form is the name and class of your child, the item that we may be able to help with and the size. We can then pass these directly to your child to take home.

Telford Crisis Winter Coat and Shoes Support

We have access to the Telford Winter Coat and Shoe Support scheme. If you are struggling with either of these items, we can make an application on your behalf.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help.

In this instance you will need to speak to the office or if you prefer, you can simply e-mail the school: meadowsconcerns@taw.org.uk.

Lost Property

We have a lost property box situated at the main entrance to our school. Many items get left here and we are unable to locate their owner as the items have not been labelled. Please feel free to check lost property if your child is missing an unnamed item.

Thank you for labelling all of your child's belongings.