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At Meadows we aim to foster our children’s natural curiosity to find out about the world around them. Therefore, we aim to allow children to investigate scientific concepts,
using working scientifically skills to gain scientific knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics.

Our Scientists 

During children’s time at Meadows they will be exposed to many experiences. These experiences will allow them to see where science could take them in the future.
We aim to encourage our children to think like scientists and see all the science around them.

In science lessons children are taught how to use working scientifically skills effectively. These skills help the children to find answers to questions they’ve created or
their teachers have asked.

Children are taught key scientific knowledge through the use of working scientifically skills during each of their science topics, which cover biology, chemistry and physics.

Memorable moments

At Meadows we love to make ‘memorable moments’ that makes learning fun and unforgettable, ready to be used again by the children in their future learning.
This is why the children have many memorable moments during their time at Meadows.

Birmingham Sealife Centre


Fossil workshop

Dinosaur visit to school

Nuffield health –Healthy eating

Forensic science workshops

STEM challenge at HLC