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Film Club

Welcome to the new page for the work of Meadows Film Club. The Club has been running since November 2016. It is supported by the work of film Education charity, Into Film. Children at the club watch a wide range of films from different genres, countries and from the 1900s to the present day. 

We have won the Into Film award for Film Club of the Year in 2017 and won the best documentary film award for a film, A Miner's Story in 2019. A Miner's Story also won The Most Innovative Use of Film Award ages 11-15 at The 2019 Film and TV School of Wales Award. The film was screened at both the British Film Institute and Paramount Pictures in London. 

With the support of Ketley Parish Council, we also produced a short silent comedy, The Search which won Best Children's Film at St. Neot's Film Festival and was runner-up at the Noe Valley Girls Film Festival in San Francisco. We also held a BFI Comedy Genius screening of the film with live piano accompaniment at the school and it was screened at Telford Film Festival. 

During 2020, pupils got to interview Hollywood actors and had five articles published in Film Stories Junior magazine

All of this is on our previous blog and our latest work is below. 

Please find the links for our Summer term 2023 projects, which we premiered for the children at the end of September. 


The short film, Primary School Musical which the children worked on for 5 months including writing song lyrics, rehearsing and performing choreography and filming. You can see all of this hard work in the documentary made by two members of the club. 

Making of Primary School Musical

This is "Making of Primary School Musical" by Meadows Primary on Vimeo

Primary School Musical

This is "Primary School Musical" by Meadows Primary on Vimeo.

Premiere of our new short, The School Rules

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to support our Film Club members for the premiere of their new short, The School Rules. They have worked really hard on this and it was inspired by the films of Buster Keaton so we shared a screening of his film, Cops as the first part of a double bill. It was wonderful to have so many people here and enjoying the community experience of laughing at films together especially as this film was first conceived when we couldn't fully run Film Club during Covid restrictions. We hope you like the film as the children and staff involved are very proud of it. 

The School Rules

The third short film produced by our Into Film Film Club. The children have worked very hard on this and were inspired by the films of Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy. They were very ambitious in their story and storyboarding but we're very proud of how much of it we have managed to put in the film.


Several pupils who have attended Film Club from year 4 have spent many of their lunchtimes this year animating the Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky. It's taken months of hard work to create the models and animate this short.

Three children published in Film Junior Magazine

 Three more of our film club members have been published in Film Junior magazine. Anna and Fletcher, Year 4, got an early screening of the new Netflix film, The Sea Beast so they could interview its young star, Zaris-Angel Hator. 

 Logan, year 6, wrote about the stunts of Buster Keaton which have been very influential in the latest short we have made ourselves at Film Club. 

Film-making and Planning May 2022

The Big Race - Animation before editing April 6th 2022

Still image for this video
After a few weeks of model making and set building some problems with the set, the children have animated their race around which their story is built. They wanted to share tonight’s hard work. It will make more sense with commentary and sound effects but they are very proud of their crash.

A Lot of Work for a few seconds - Animating our snail race April 6th 2022

Our newest projects at Film Club February 2022

Mrs. Warner's Last Film Club - 2nd March 2022


This week's film choice is Bumblebee from Into Film+. It's Mrs. Warner's choice for her last film club. She has selected it because it reminds her of the private screening of the film members of our Film Club received at Paramount Pictures in 2019 after winning the Into Film award for Best Documentary. 

Mrs. Warner has supported children at our club for the past five years, helping a number of them write award-winning reviews and worked with them on our award-winning film, A Miner's Story and took a leading role in the project, The Search which also won several awards. Everyone at school but especially Film Club members will miss her and we wish her all the best for the future.