At Meadows our reading intent is to:
• Ensure our children have access to a high-quality English curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable.
• Provide our children with a variety of high-quality reading materials & opportunities, which will enable them to develop as lifelong readers with a love of reading.  

• Enhanced all children’s vocabulary and use of standard English both written and orally
• Ensure all children are confident and independent readers.
• Develop inquisitive readers who ask questions about the text – active learners For example: Child response: “I think…, because…, In my option…, The writer…so that…, …led me to think that…”
• Equip all children with the reading skills needed to successfully research areas of personal interest.
• Support children & parents in taking reading into the home. For example: home readers, reading challenge.


Reading implementation

At Meadows we aim to be cross curricular and creative in our approach to implementing a high quality English curriculum.

Our implementation is developed through secure understanding of the curriculum and subject area.
Planning for reading

1. Long term: National Curriculum.

2. Medium term: Year group ‘Age Related Expectation’ (ARE) sheets.

3. Short term: Year group ‘Age Related Expectation’ (ARE) sheets.

Teaching of reading
‘Quality first teaching’ linked to teaching standards:

 All teachers:

1. Know where their children are, through the use of concise summative assessment, including past SATs, prior learning assessments including phonic screening
scores & weekly spelling test scores.

2. Understand where their children need to be, through a secure understanding of year group expectations and/or pre key stage expectations also incisive, ongoing,
formative assessment e.g. marking,
differentiated questioning and the expectation of differentiated responses to questions asked.
3. Know how they are going to get them there, through:
- The use of a wide range of strategies to promote independence, mastery and a love of reading.
- KS1 & KS2 receive four 30 minute, teacher led/TA, guided reading sessions each week.
- EYFS & KS1 daily phonic sessions based on Letters & Sounds and other activities.

All staff read to their children at the end of each day for 15 mins – this is called the Golden Read.
Every other Friday staff rotate around the key stages to read stories to different classes on any theme.

Oak National Academy - Virtual Library  

Oak National Academy and the National Literacy Trust have come together to provide a  Virtual School Library to keep children reading during lockdown.

Every week, a popular children's author will become our ‘Author of the Week’ and provide a free book or audiobook and exclusive videos and activities aimed at primary 
school children, all available at

The Virtual School Library will ensure that children have access to the magical world of stories all year round, whether they are learning at school or at home.

Week 1 – Spending time with Tracy Beaker and Jacqueline Wilson

Week 2 – Steal an Elephant with Nizrana farook

Week 3 – Meet Mr. Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon by Sally Gardner

Virtual School Library 

School Readers Storytime January 2021

We are excited to share this week’s new Storytime videos as we have added some author and celebrity read stories to the Storytime portal plus new stories 

from some of our fabulous volunteers. For access to all current videos, you can use the and love2read password or
alternatively use the YouTube links below.

Featured stories this week are animal and monster themed. They include the famous Elmer the elephant, a bad day for a bear family, a daring adventure for 
a polar bear and a little boy meeting a monster. As previously, due to copyright permissions please only share via e-mail, closed apps or closed groups.

The Storytime portal
this week has a fantastic dramatic retelling of ‘Not now, Bernard’ read by actor Ben Bailey Smith (please be aware that Bernard gets eaten) which has
a great activity. There are also stories for older children from Quentin Blake and Joyce Lankester Brisley.


Storytime Spring term, Week 3

‘Elmer’ read by the author David McKee
Elmer is different. Elmer is patchwork.  The grey elephants all love him, but he soon starts to wonder what it would be like to be just the same as them... 
With our thanks to David McKee for reading his story. There is a fantastic activity pack for Elmer available here and on the activity section of the Schoolreaders website.

Reading Age 5+

‘Just One of Those Days’ by Jill Murphy
It had been a long night... so Mr and Mrs Bear woke up late.
When Mr and Mrs Bear wake up late, it's raining outside - and Baby Bear is late for nursery. Then Mrs Bear sits on her glasses at muddle through cheerfully, and there's even a surprise for Baby Bear when Mr Bear gets home from work.
Reading Age 5+ 

‘Boogie Bear’ by David Walliams
Up at the North Pole, a big furry polar bear is swimming, fishing and eating. But when she nods off and finds herself far from home, she thinks things can’t get any worse. But they can…Much worse!
Reading Age 6+

‘Not now, Bernard’ by David McKee read by actor Ben Bailey Smith (please be aware that Bernard gets eaten) which has a great activity to go with it.

He's found a monster in the back garden but his mum and dad are just too busy to notice. So Bernard tries to befriend the monster… and that doesn't go quite to plan. Reading Age 6+

Spring Term, Week 2

 ‘The Go-Away Bird’ by Julia Donaldson
The Go-Away bird sat up in her nest, with her fine grey wings and her fine grey crest.' One by one, the other birds fly into her tree, wanting to talk or to play, but the Go-Away bird just shakes her head and sends them all away. But then the dangerous Get-You bird comes along, and she soon realises that she might need some friends after all . . . Reading Age 5+, Interest Age 3+

‘The Worrysaurus’ by Rachel Bright

It's a beautiful day and Worrysaurus has planned a special picnic. But it isn't long before a small butterfly of worry starts fluttering in his tummy . . .What if he hasn't brought enough to eat? What if he gets lost in the jungle? What if he trips and falls? What if it rains?! Can Worrysaurus find a way to chase his fears away and have fun? Reading Age 6+, Interest Age 4+

‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne
Hannah loves gorillas but has never seen one. Her father's too busy to take her to the zoo – or for anything else come to that. For her birthday, Hannah asks her father for a gorilla – but is disappointed when she discovers that the gorilla she's got is just a toy one. But then something extraordinary happens ... the toy turns into a real gorilla, who puts on her father's hat and coat and takes her off for a magical visit to the zoo...Reading Age 6+, Interest Age 4+


Audible Stories

For as long as schools are closed, Audible is open. Children everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, 
that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being children.


World Book Day 2021


Who's Behind the Book?

World Book Day Reading Books


Meadows Reading Challenge 





Guided Reading

Meadows Book Fair - January 2020
What is Letters and Sounds.pdf
Letter and Sound Games.pdf

Join the Digital Library

Reading with your child
We want to encourage children to take an active and enthusiastic ownership of their learning by really
embracing the opportunities that reading opens up for them! On this page we will add helpful hints,
ideas and resources that can help you encourage your child with their reading at home!

You can download Information leaflets in a language of your choice giving you advice to help you 'Read With Your Child'!

Reading with your child English
Reading with your child Bengali
Reading with your child Czech
Reading with your child French
Reading with your child Gurjarati
Reading with your child Hindi
Reading with your child Polish
Reading with your child Romanian
Reading with your child Russian
Reading with your child Slovakian 

Please click here for more information about reading with your child. 


Key Stage 1: Reading questions for parents
Key Stage 2: Reading questions for parents 


There are so many different books to read it can be hard to choose! If you are looking for ideas for presents or what to choose from the library we here are some suggestions for you.
There are recommended books for different ages but there are always plenty more!
You don't have to read them all! But do try to read a variety of books - modern, classics, funny, action, factual and fiction - it all helps to keep you interested and broaden your vocabulary! When you have read a book, tell a friend or someone in your family about it and why you liked it (or not).





For further suggestions and recommendations please see below:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Magazines & Newspapers