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Reviews of The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow (1920)

We have been watching some short films by Buster Keaton to learn more about slapstick comedy. Some of the children at the club have written their own reviews. 


The fantastic, fast-moving Buster Keaton film, The Scarecrow is a very smart film where Buster Keaton is a naughty scarecrow. 

Buster and his partner both live on a farm in a one roomed cottage which is very inventive. Buster faces many challenges like where he gets chased by a dog and believe it or not, he has to pretend to be a scarecrow to hide from two men. Unexpectedly the chase restarts with a car and motorbike and the strangest wedding I've ever seen. 

The dog chase was very funny. They must have trained the dog very well for it to be such a good comedian. My favourite part was when Buster pretended to be a scarecrow even though his stick wasn't there anymore!

If you like comedy films with words in them, I think you can still relate to this film, yet it has no words but it is really good. 


Jasmine age 9


The Scarecrow is a funny inventive Buster Keaton film that includes a dog that won't stop chasing him. Buster and his partner share a one-roomed farm house and both want to marry the same woman but for one of them, there are many obstacles trying to prevent them. Would you believe it if I told you Buster has to pretend to be a Scarecrow? Oh sorry, a trouble-making scarecrow. 

Will everything end with happiness and humour or horribly, hard work not paying off? find out by watching this! 


Joanie, age 9