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Reviews of One Week

One Week (1920)

I love this film because of the slapstick comedy!


A newly married couple have one week to succeed by building a house, from a pack, with Handy Hank. Surely, nothing could go wrong, right? 


The best part about this film is when a man exits out of the house wrong and falls down from a second storey building. The stunts are incredibly outstanding but stupidly dangerous. 


Even though this is a silent, black and white comedy it still feels like the characters are talking yet they are not. 

This is a really different experience to watch because I never really get to see black and white films so this is a film for everyone. 


By Fletcher, aged 9


I love this film because of the slapstick comedy. It is full of problems and mishaps. Buster has recently got married and they are given a portable build your own house. yes, these come with instructions but still, Buster will always find something to go wrong. Will everything go as planned or will it spontaneously combust? 

My favourite part of this film was the train mishap because of its humorous approach and clever writing but most importantly how much slapstick was in the was in the joke itself. I'd recommend this film to anyone who likes a jolly good old laugh!


By Joanie, aged 9. 



This is a good film because it has some good jokes but not as many as my favourite Buster Keaton film, Cops. 


Buster has recently married. He and his wife are given a plot of land by Handy Hank. They have to build their own house but they keep getting it wrong. Will thy build this house? Badly...


My favourite scene is when Buster opens a door and Handy Hank falls out and hits a fence. I think all the stunts in this film are dangerous and funny!


This is a great film so I recommend it to a lot of my friends. This is a film for all ages just like Cops these Buster Keaton films have changed my opinion of old films. 


By Mati, aged 9