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Reviews of Cops

Cops (1922)


We have been watching some short films by Buster Keaton to learn more about slapstick comedy. Some of the children at the club have written their own reviews.


The hilarious Buster Keaton wrote, directed and starred in Cops, a film with more policemen than you’ve ever seen before! This film is packed with slapstick comedy and dangerous stunts and I loved it!

Buster sets outs to prove to the woman he loves he can be a good businessman man, but he accidentally makes a huge mess and angers a lot of policemen and that leads to an enormous chase through a city.

It’s really hard to pick out a favourite part because every scene is so funny but Buster telephoning a horse and accidentally lighting a cigarette with a bomb made me laugh out loud.

I wish more of my friends watch it because it’s a funny, hilarious film and they might be missing out because it’s silent and black and white. This film has changed me and now I will watch more black and white, silent comedies because slapstick humour doesn’t get old.


 Mati, age 9