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Our Class Blog - Archived

Tasting the national dish of Afghanistan, Kabuli Palau.

Class 12 tasted the national dish of Afghanistan.  We gave it a big thumbs up.








Bhangra dancing workshops for South Asian Heritage Month.

We were lucky enough to be visited by a professional Bhangra dancing instructor, this week.  Our class had a workshop and learned a dance sequence, which we performed for parents, at the end of the school day.  We were so proud of them.





South Asian Heritage Month Workshop

The children in Year 5 received a visit from the Multicultural Development Team from Telford and Wrekin Council.  The learning objective was to understand the relevance of South Asian Heritage Month (S.A.H.M.) and share information about the region.  

Sculptures of Afghanistan

As part of our South Asian Heritage Month, the children in Class 12 have learned about the physical geography of Afghanistan.  We learned about how relief maps can show us the height of the terrain.  We then sculpted the country and terrain in clay, before applying acrylic paints.  

Learning about the dangers of gangs and knives.Years 5 and 6 watching a presentation from a reformed gang member.

Years 5 and 6 were visited by a reformed gang member who has spent time in prison.  He captivated the children with his tales and warnings of the dangers of gangs and carrying knives.  

Fun and great sporting attitudes at our Year 5 Sports Day.

Fun and games at our Jubilee street party


Our prize winners for the Jubilee art competition.

Jubilee art activities included collages.

We made Union Jack kites to fly after the street party.  We had a fantastic time, as our kites took to the sky.  laugh


Science lesson on air resistance.

The class learned that air resistance is a push force that acts on falling objects.  The class tested whether larger parachutes fell to the ground more slowly.

Testing parachutes.