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Our Class Blog - Archived

Happy Holidays.


What a lovely year we have had together. We have loved helping you all to learn new things, and it has been a pleasure to watch you grow and become more independent. Good luck in Year one. 


The Early Years staff would like to wish you all a happy summer. 


Class 1 2021 - 2022

SAHM 2022


The children in Early Years focussed on India for the SAHM activities. 

We looked at the Indian flag and compared it to the British flag, we learnt simple Bangrah routines, tried some food that is from India, looked at clothing, drew, painted and built famous landmarks.

On Friday we were able to look at the other countries on show around the school. The children really enjoyed finding out lots of new and interesting facts.

Positional Language.


The children have enjoyed learning about pirates in literacy. In maths we have explored positional language to describe where the treasure and the parrots were.

We really enjoyed programming the Beebots to take them to the places on our map.

Positional Language

Sports Day 2022


The children really enjoyed taking part in our Sports Day. The Early Years staff are so proud of the way everyone tried their best.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did. smiley

WC: 7.6.22  Light and Dark


We have been exploring light and dark. The children have looked at transparent and opaque materials, we have discussed light sources that are natural or man made, we've explored how shadows are made. The children enjoyed making the most of the sunshine by making shadow puppets and drawing outlines of friends and toys using their shadows. 

Jubilee Celebrations.


The children started this week making portraits of the Queen at Forest school. They have made bunting and crowns for our Jubilee party.

Today the children made jam or cucumber sandwiches for snack. Enjoyed a street party style lunch time and sand the National Anthem as a whole school celebration. 


Happy half term to you all. 

9.5.22 Muddy Monday


The children enjoyed making under water printing patterns using sponge shapes as well as drawing their favourite sea creatures. Some children used the tyres to make 'cocoons' to hide in. They were encouraged to problem solve how to get out of the tyres safely. There was a lot of exploring the forest school area for new insects too. 


Note to parents - In warm weather when children arrive in school wearing shorts and t-shirts,  it is a good idea on a Muddy Monday to send a light weight long sleeved top / jogging bottoms for the children to wear in order to keep them safe as they are still encouraged to use the outdoor equipment available at Forest School. The children can pop these on just before we begin our session.

WC: 3.5.22 Under the sea.


This week the children have enjoyed writing facts about sea creatures as well as acting out their own story ideas. During maths activities the children have chosen a preferred method to complete addition and subtraction calculations. 

27.4.22 Outdoor Learning.


The children in classes one and two are enjoying the brighter weather.

This afternoon they used buckets and spades in the dig pit and found sea creatures in the water area as an introduction to our Summer theme. They explored the dressing up box and found ways of making 9 by using dominoes. 

WC: 28.3.22 Exploring 3D shapes.


This week the children in Class 1 have explored simple 3D shapes. They have built with solid shapes, attempted to name them, looked at the faces of the shapes and investigated building 3D shapes using polydron. 

Exploring 3D shapes.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers.


This week the children in reception have enjoyed creating artwork inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

Exploring Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

23.3.22   Healthy Eating


The children have enjoyed talking about why making healthy food choices is so important. We have played healthy food bingo, discussed our favourite types of food and thought about the healthy options we can include in our lunchboxes. 

Muddy Monday - Signs of Spring.


The children enjoyed our walk around the school field to hunt for signs of spring. The children were eager to share their new knowledge with their peers about what they had found.  Afterwards we made observational drawings of daffodils as well as planting some bulbs.

Muddy Monday - Signs of Spring.

WC: 7.3.22 Literacy and Maths.


In our literacy sessions this week we have been learning to decode new vocabulary. The children have learnt about some parts of a plane and some areas in an airport. Next week we will be using the same key words to help us write sentences.


In maths this week we have explored addition. We began by combining 2 sets and counting the total. We have also explored counting on to add.

Literacy and Maths WC:7.3.22

7.3.22   Memorable moments - Cosford.


The children enjoyed our day at Cosford. We had a look at the different types of plane, explored making parachutes out of different materials, and we loved trying out the new play area. 

World Book Day. 

We had a great time sharing our love for reading last week. The children read for pleasure, talked about their favourite stories and helped decide upon and make our World Book Day door display.


World Book Day 2022