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Recorder performance Friday 30th June

Creating animations using iMotion 26/06/23

Year 3 enjoyed completing Level 1 Bikeability today!

Celebrating the coronation of King Charles III

Learning about King Charles III and the Coronation

Gymnastics workshop - 18.04.23

Stone Age Containers - DT project

Computing with Mr Smith

Science Week - Making parachutes

World Book Day 2023

Stone Age workshop

Recorder lessons

The Automated Band.....



Today we made our band work automatically. IF you click on the button it sends a MESSAGE to the conga drums.


You can try out our project by clicking HERE.

We have been learning that the keyboard and mouse pad are called INPUT devices. (We use them to put information into the computer)


The headphones and screen are called OUTPUT devices. (they give out information such as a sound or a picture)


STORAGE devices can be used to put information in to the computer and to get information out. It stores the information as DATA.


You can try out our new project here 


Scratch is a FREE program. Try adding some more instruments or characters (sprites)

Input and Output devices

Programming a drumkit to play sounds


With Mr Smith we have been creating a program to make sounds. When we click on the drum it plays a sound. You can try it yourself here. In this program we have 4 lines of code.


We can also use a repeat command to make the drum pattern happen more than once.


Computing with Mr Smith


We are linking our computing to music.


We are creating music using


1. patterns

2. sequences 

3. repeats


This allows us to create interesting rhythms


You can try a FREE program here

Creating a rhythm using repeats

World Mental Health Day

Black History Month workshop

Harvest assembly

Science/Outdoor learning - Bones in the human body

History/Geography - Mapping changes in Ketley from 1903-today

European Day of Languages 2022

Jeans for Genes day

Heritage Walk 2022