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24.06.22 due in by 01.07.22


This weeks spellings: 



1. there

2. children

3. what

4. one

5. says

6. when 

  1. water
  2. want
  3. watch
  4. salt
  5. squad
  6. bear
  7. wear
  8. pear
  9. there
  10. where
  1. wonderful
  2. useful
  3. helpful
  4. beautiful
  5. awful
  6. powerful
  7. break
  8. steak
  9. old
  10. cold 


Please read, record and have signed by an adult in your reading diary at least 3 times. Diaries will be collected in on Friday 1st


Play one game of TTRS (set tables).


Literacy writing homework (handed out on Friday). 


Remember, you get a ticket in the box for each piece of homework you bring back! 


Miss Cottey



    Please continue to practise reading and time tables over the Easter holidays where possible.


    Other than that, your homework is to relax and enjoy yourselves!


    Have a wonderful break and I will see you when we return. 


    Miss Cottey. yeslaugh


    Good evening, 


    This week's homework will continue to be the weekly set activities below: 

    - At least 3x reading recorded in diary and signed

    - One session on TTRS focussing on x2, x3, x5, x10 (paper sheets will be available next week for any children that are unable to access the online version).

    - Reading comprehension (available next weekend will be sent out on Monday).


    Unfortunately, we have been experiencing technical troubles with the printers within the school and so have been unable to print copies of spellings and the above mentioned. These will be handed out on Monday 4th April, sorry for the inconvenience! 


    Gold Spellings:

    LO: To spell words with silent letters.

    1. designer
    2. gnomes
    3. gnat
    4. unwritten
    5. knowingly
    6. knitted
    7. wrinkly
    8. wrongness
    9. wriggles


    Bronze Spellings:

    LO: To spell Phase 3 tricky words.

    1. of
    2. into
    3. pure
    4. they 
    5. was
    6. my


    Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Monday! 


    Miss Cottey laugh




    This week's homework is to:


    • complete 5 days of spelling practise
    • write sentences on the back of your spellings that include your spelling words
    • read with an adult and record it in your diary at least 3 times
    • one session on TTRS

    Have a great weekend!


    Miss Cottey  smiley