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Five Ways to Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing




It is being noticed around the school environment how important the power of conversation is and how pupils are starting to open up and share ideas
around wellbeing and mental health – it’s the same as physical health and that good conversations can really make such a difference. Evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish, therefore Meadows is rolling out the 5 to wellbeing initiative, this sets out 5 actions to improve personal wellbeing.


This links to our focus on ensuring that our pupils are provided with ways which will help them with their emotional and mental needs now and in the future.


The 5 ways are:

Keep Learning - develop new skills.

Connect - make contact with people, talk and have fun.

Take Notice - look around you, explore mindfulness.

Give - Help others, even in small ways.

Be active - move around to aid mood and general health.


We aim to provide our pupils with opportunities to practice all five everyday!

  • connect
  • be active
  • take notice
  • keep learning
  • give 


Pupils will have the opportunity to learn and embrace these 5 ways to enhance their wellbeing throughout the school environment and this will be embedded into their learning in PSHE.