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At Meadows Primary School and Nursery artistic experiences and the teaching and learning of art is a key element within our school culture and curriculum intent. Art and design are concerned with the way we respond to, understand, interpret and shape our world through our senses and emotions. Taking part in art and design allows us to investigate what we see, what we feel, the world and culture around us. It allows us to make visual responses; to interpret; to discriminate and reach decisions that we can evaluate.


The purpose of Art and design is to give pupils the skills, language, knowledge and understanding necessary for them to express themselves and their responses in creative visual and concrete ways. Although the progression of a range of art skills is a vital element within the teaching of Art and Design, it is not taught alone. We strive to achieve high levels of creativity across our curriculum and therefore the learnt skills are practised and consolidated in other areas of the curriculum as well as isolated Art lessons.


We hope to enlighten our pupils to the world of art and spark a love of the subject.

•  to develop an awareness, understanding and enjoyment of Art and Design for all pupils

• to develop pupils skills and progression in art with the use of a range of tools, media and methods

• to develop and extend the pupils’ visual creativity, curiosity, enquiry and aesthetic sensitivity to the natural and manmade world

• to enable pupils to respond and enjoy expressing their ideas, feelings and imagination using visual media, practical making skills and the visual language of art to develop an appreciation, critical awareness, knowledge and understanding of the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople from their own and other cultural heritages