Meadows Safeguarding Squad


 Meadows Safeguarding Squad is a Children’s Safeguarding Board, made up from children in Year’s 4-6 working on Safeguarding issues.

Meadows Safeguarding Squad have:

  • Designed the new MSS logo which they wear to make themselves noticeable.

  • Made themselves available to any children who want to discuss any worries they have in the children’s Wednesday drop in session.

  • Organised and delivered whole school workshops on making ‘Worry Dolls’

  • Supported children with making ‘Worry Leaflets’- and how to tackle problems.

  • Taught the song, ‘The Little Birds’ by Bob Marley across the school as the Safeguarding song.

Our pupils created a peg worry doll each to take home and to share their worries and concerns with:



Worry Boxes at Meadows:



 Youth Engagement Assembly - 13th March 2019