Home Learning Overview

Dear Parent/Carer, 

As you may be aware, schools are required to have a remote learning plan in place so that any child who cannot attend school because of COVID-19
does not miss out on their learning. This letter explains our plans for remote learning for children who have to self-isolate, or where local or national
restrictions mean that children need to stay at home.

Remote Learning Information for Parents - January 2021

Remote Education Plan

Accessing Remote Learning Guide

Our remote  plan:
Our remote learning plan has been made with our pupils and their families in mind. We believe that this strategy will work best for the children at our school.
We would expect children to work on their home learning during the hours of a normal school day. Although, we do realise this may need to be flexible
for varying reasons, such as where children are sharing IT equipment.

For our home-learning provision we will be providing all children from nursery to year 6 with a Purple Mash password. Purple Mash is a comprehensive
suite of online learning tools and content, designed to be used by Primary aged children in the classroom and at home. Every curriculum subject is covered
on Purple Mash as well as online books that will ensure children can continue with their reading at home. The older children have used Purple Mash in the
classroom already but if you would like to find out more than you can go to https://2simple.com/parents. Purple Mash enables your child’s class teacher to
view the work they have completed and offer feedback and support for improvement.

As well as Purple Mash, we will provide work both on the blog and at times via email. The class blogs can be accessed through the school website in the
class page folder and by clicking on the Meadows logo. We will continue to update the children’s Abacus accounts with mathematical games and challenges
and children from year 2 onwards should continue using TT Rockstars. When possible, we will also produce a paper pack of work for children to complete
and these can be requested via email.

As much as possible, the work that will be set will reflect what the child(ren) would have been learning if they were at school.

You and your child will be able to communicate daily with the class teacher either by using the email facility on Purple Mash or the class email address (see below).

Email address for each Year group-

Nursery – meadows.nursery@taw.org.uk

Reception – meadows.reception@taw.org.uk

Year 1- meadows.yearone@taw.org.uk  

Year 2- meadows.yeartwo@taw.org.uk    

Year 3 - meadows.yearthree@taw.org.uk

Year 4- meadows.yearfour@taw.org.uk

Year 5- meadows.yearfive@taw.rg.uk  

Year 6:-

Class 13- meadowsprimaryclass13@gmail.com  

Class 14- meadows142020@gmail.com  

We appreciate that if this situation arises, it may present some challenges for you. We kindly ask for your support so that we can continue to provide 
high-quality education for your child during this time.

Younger children in particular may need support in accessing online materials and staying focused with their remote learning. We ask that you help them
as much as you can but at the same time, we don’t expect you to watch your child all day, and we wouldn’t expect parents/carers to get involved in remote
lessons in place of our teachers, but, it would be really helpful if you can take an active role in your child’s learning by asking them about their day and
what they’ve learned. 

Our top tips:

  • Try to encourage your child to be ready and dressed for the start of the school day, and to keep to their timetable or routine.
  • Distinguish between weekdays and weekends, and make it clear when the school day is over, to separate home and school life
  • Plan breaks and exercise into the day to help keep your child active 

Other top tips:



Please keep in touch with us and do let us know if you’re having any difficulties with remote learning, or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.