Our Governing Body

Our Governors are representatives of the local community, parents, school staff and the Local Authority. They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the school whilst working in a voluntary capacity.

Head Teacher Governor                                               Term of Office End Date
Mrs A. Sydenham                                                   

Local Authority Governor
Mrs J. Francis                                                                19-Oct-2025

Elected by Staff of the School
Mrs S. Mejer                                                                  14-09-2025

Elected by Parents
Mrs E. Wallis                                                                 25-Feb-2022
Mr B. Goddard (Vice Chair)                                            25-Feb-2022
Mrs G. Eccleston                                                           28-Apr-2024

Co-opted Governors
Mr S. Bennett (Chair)                                                     19-Oct-2025
Mrs J. Roberts                                                                24-May-2022
Mr S. Millward Thomas                                                    05-Jan-2024

The Governing Body is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school.

A key role of the Governor’s is to act as a ‘critical friend’ offering support and constructive advice.

Each Governor’s term of office is four years. The full Governing Body meets at least once each term, additionally there are sub committees which meet more frequently:  

Strategic Leadership       
Headteacher’s Performance Management
Grievance, Complaints and Pupil Discipline 
Finance and Personnel, Salaries and Grades, Premises and Health and Safety 
Curriculum, Standards and Attendance

We also have link Governor’s for the following areas:  

Literacy, Numeracy, EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage), SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Children In Care and Attendance.

Documents below:

Governors' Annual Report 2015-2016
Governors' Annual Report 2016-2017
Governors' Annual Report 2017-2018
Governors' Annual Report 2018-2019
Governors' Annual Report 2019-2020

Governors' Attendance 2015-2016
Governors' Attendance 2016 -2017
Governors' Attendance 2017 -2018
Governors' Attendance 2018 - 2019
Governors' Attendance 2019 - 2020

Register of Business Interests 2015-2016
Register of Business Interests 2016-2017
Register of Business Interests 2017-2018
Register of Business Interests 2018-2019
Register of Business Interests 2019-2020

Become a School Governor NEW.pdf