PSHE and Relationship Education

Meadows Primary School and Nursery strives to encourage children to be responsible and caring members of the school and wider community.
We aim to help children to develop values of mutual understanding and respect of others and to develop responsible attitudes in order to lead
confident, healthy and independent lives.

Relationships Education is now a mandatory part of the Primary Curriculum.

Click the following link to read the Department for Education document.


Please find the Relationships Education policy here 

At Meadows Primary School we use the Shropshire Respect Yourself: Eat Better, Move More, Relationship Education programme.
This is an award-winning programme with the quality kite mark from the PSHE Association. 

In planning and presenting our Relationship Education programme we provide the opportunity for pupils to express themselves within a trusted
and safe environment, following agreed ground rules. We want to reassure children of their value and self-worth including aspects of dignity,
self- respect and self-restraint, help them to have a responsible attitude towards personal relationships including mutual respect and care and to
develop sensitivity towards the needs of others, provide knowledge of loving relationships and human reproductive process.

Teachers will inform parents via a letter 4 weeks prior to Relationship Education sessions being taught. Parents who would like to view the resources
can contact the school office and arrangements can be made for a member of the Health and Wellbeing team to share the full scheme of work, or just
a specific year groups resources.




Click on the links below to see a selection of lesson plans and resources that are used to teach Relationships Education at Meadows.

Early Years – In the Early Years curriculum, the children are encouraged to take part in daily hygiene activities, such as hand washing, and using
the bathroom appropriately. Good hygiene practices, good manners, being able to identify a range of emotions, and learning to share are all part
of the curriculum which links to Relationship Education.

Examples of Year 1 lesson plans / resources.

Examples of Year 2 lesson plans / resources.

Examples of Year 3 lesson plans / resources

Examples of Year 4 lesson plans / resources

Examples of Year 5 lesson plans / resources

Examples of Year 6 lesson plans / resources

The Respect Yourself scheme of work also provides suggestions for useful websites and resources. Click below to find out more.

Useful Websites

Additional resources 

If parents have any additional questions about the scheme of work, then please contact the School Office and ask for a telephone call with
Mrs Roden (PSHE co-ordinator) Mrs Roberts (Inclusion mentor) or Mrs Mejer (Deputy Head Teacher) who will be happy to discuss and answer
any further questions you may have.