Letters and Sounds

At Meadows Phonics is taught creatively and all the time. Links are made with stories and taught in different contexts.

Phonics is taught daily- discretely, as a 20 minute session (4 parts: recall, teach, practise and apply).

Class teachers introduce each session to whole class (recall and teach). Recall is quick and phonemes are articulated correctly. Teachers model saying the phonemes.
Use language such as, “I say c, you say c…”

The Practise part is differentiated (Teaching Assistants support). Children experience forming the sounds in their mouths. Recognition of phonemes becomes AUTOMATIC.

Language is used such as: “Can you make a representation of that sound? How would you represent the ‘m’ sound?”

Daily teaching is reinforced in Guided Reading (apply) and appropriately matched Phonic activities are integrated in English sessions.

Individual reading books (home books) are appropriately matched to the phases that the children are working in. Individual readers are heard every week and books are changed regularly.

Phonics Play planning is used and some resources on the website can be accessed at home.


Guides for parents/carers:

Workshop Presentation

Phonics - Phase 2
Phonics - Phase 3

Phonics - Phase 5

Phonics - Phase 6

Progression Guidance

Links to useful websites: